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By · August 10, 2010 · Filed in Customer Experience, Customer S.M.A.R.T.S. System

Turn Your Customer Experience Into Cash ProgramI am very excited to share the re-launch of my Program Turn Your Customer Experience into Cash with the Customer S.M.A.R.T.S. System™. The Customer Experience has never been so important in this economy.  In fact, I consider it the “new” marketing. My Program shows small service businesses how to take control of their customer experience and turn it into a cash-making tool.

Over and over, I see business owners them spend most of their marketing dollars attracting new customers.  All the marketing in the world won’t grow your business if your customer experience is poor. Creating an extraordinary customer experience to maximize the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns should be our focus.

Did you know that I have spent 20+ years in sales and service in a variety of industries including education, real estate, and cosmetic? I have even sold Girl Scout Cookies and loved it, so I know sales and service are in my DNA. I have my dad to thank, a former hardware salesman, because he helped me understand how to treat customers and build strong relationships with them.

About 9 months ago, I began my research on customer experience strategies reading hundreds of articles, various blogs, and multiple books and talking to customer experience experts.  I combined my research, best practices, and my expertise in outlining strategies that small business owners could employ to develop an outstanding customer experience.  Watch my video about today’s customer experience:

I looked at all areas of a business that affect its ability to develop that extraordinary customer experience. There was a need for a customer experience plan, a customer-centric culture, customer loyalty tactics, and an employee staffing and development strategy.  I identified 6 customer experience strategies which I call the Customer S.M.A.R.T.S. System™.  Based on this System, I created the Program called Turn Your Customer Experience into Cash with the Customer S.M.A.R.T.S. System™. The Program includes a 5-Hour CD Set and Program Guide that walks a business through the process from start to finish.

After feedback and improvements to the Program, I am re-launching my Program and wanted you to know about it. I am providing small business owners several ways to engage with the Program. Some business owners will want one-on-one consulting.  Some will want to participate in a 7-week teleclass series so that they can walk through each strategy, get feedback from me and their peers, and stay accountable.  And some will simply want the Program so that they can do it themselves. So I provide all three options.

If you are interested in developing an outstanding customer experience, visit my website at  As a special offer to my readers, I want to offer a $50 discount off the Program through September 1, 2010.  Simply use “BLG50” for the coupon code to receive my “thank you” discount.  Go to now and claim your Program.  You can also reach me at (480) 694-6940 or email Norma if you have any questions.  Log into Twitter and Facebook to share this blog with your friends by clicking on the links below!

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