Top 10 Customer Service Tips for 2010

By · December 8, 2009 · Filed in Customer Experience, Customer Service Strategy
2010 Customer Service PlanningIs your customer service experience suffering from insanity? That is, are you doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. If it is, it’s time to approach 2010 with a new mindset.

So repeat after me:

“2010 will be my best year ever because I am going to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to my customer service experience.”

Here are my Top 10 Customer Service Tips for 2010:

1) Meet with your staff and express your commitment to provide the best customer service experience that you know how.
2) Get your staff’s buy-in. Tell them why you are changing your service experience and how it can benefit them. Let what they must do to be awarded and recognized for excellence in customer service.
3) Start a customer service training plan for the year, focusing on product knowledge and people skills.
4) Take a hard look at your staff. Move people up or out of a position if they aren’t representing your customer-centric culture.
5) Assess your current customer service experience. Ask your staff what they’ve heard from customers and what changes they think that the company should make. Look at your complaint file and review website comments for other clues.
6) Ask a business colleague or two to act as a customer by phone, in person, and on your website. Get their feedback about the customer service experience.
7) Review your Customer Service Policies. Do they make sense? Do they anger or annoy your customers?
8) Collect Testimonials. Make it easy for your customers to “yelp” about you. When they’ve had a good experience, send them an email with a link to, LinkedIn, and/or your website to post the good news.
9) Plan your promotions. Look at a Holiday Calendar and create an excel spreadsheet detailing your promotions. There are fun, weird and quirky holidays that you can promote. For example, you can celebrate Fruit Cake Toss Day in January. If you own any kind of food-related store, develop a promotion around this and donate the Fruit Cakes to charity. On everyone’s calendar should be National Customer Service Week the first week in October.
10) Last but not least, have fun this year with your staff and your customers. Customers just want to’ have fun so find ways to make it happen in 2010.

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  • Steve G.

    My company has already taken advantage of your sixth tip- having colleagues act as customers. This type of role play prepares our staff for real-life customers. Not only do new employees need this training, but our veterans can always use it too!